Project «Bucks»

Project «Bucks»

A modern style house was designed to allow inhabitants live comfortably in well-designed living environment. Open floor plan with higher ceiling allows continuing sunlight to flow into the house. Spacious kitchen is opened to the dining area and great room.

1. Entryway 3,90м2
2. Wardrobe room 2,15м2
3. Living room 29,10м2
4. Kitchen 14,25м2
5. Hall 4,05м2
6. Wardrobe room 3,10м2
7. Bathroom 6,25м2
8. Closet 10,90м2
9. Garage 37,10м2
1. Hall 6,80м2
2. Bathroom 6,25м2
3. Office 14,95м2
4. Wardrobe room 3,40м2
5. Bedroom 19,45м2
6. Bathroom 4,0м2
7. Wardrobe room 3,05м2
8. Bedroom 24,90м2
9. Open to below 20,402
House based on "Bucks" designs has not been built yet, or is in proccess of construction.


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